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Finally, the million-dollar question – “Why”

Finally, the million dollar question – “Why?”

Question back to you –

“Why not?”

Kidding aside, the “Why” question may keep popping up in your head every now and then.

That is not uncommon.

The late Jim Rohn’s quote sums this up very well –

The most important question is not ‘What am I getting?’ but ‘What am I becoming?’

For me, some goals are such that the mere act of following them will lift you to a whole new level. The journey will transform you to such an extent that whether you reach the destination or not will become immaterial.

Choose the project that has the potential to transform you to be “more of who you really are.”

All of us know that life is a one-way ticket and there is no time for regrets and re-runs. Your choices today and everyday will put you on an irreversible course that will lead you to “become” someone you will be proud of in every sense of the way or to “become” someone that was part of the statistics.

The choices are all yours!

So, now this time, really…

Why not?

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