Invite-Only Workshops

We schedule Invite-only 3-hour workshops (right now limited to the Bay Area) to extend the learning from and beyond what’s covered in the Setup to Startup.

You will be part of a small group of future entrepreneurs who are committed to bring their ideas to life.

If you are fully PRESENT in the workshop, you can expect the following takeaways:

  • Get clarity on how to refine your idea to make it viable.
  • Who should you be and what should you do for you and the world to believe that YOU can bring this idea to life
  • Learn to get real support for your idea from people that can move the needle
  • The right way to have conversations about your idea
  • The right way to hustle

In other words, you will learn how to make measurable progress in reasonable time with your adventure.

The cost for the workshop is TBD.

Want to be notified when the applications are open?

Please send an email to explore AT foresightplus DOT com.