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Your logic

The way you rationalize things (especially the ones that you think you are rationalizing) will affect the way you build your personal brand.

Here are things to watch out for:

Uh Oh..No Spotlight!

“You’re Uncomfortable With Attention”

I have met many people who are extremely successful, but they don’t want the attention that comes with personal branding. They don’t want to talk to the press, give interviews, or share their stories. They just want to lead a good life.

When you build a strong personal brand, you will get attention. Others will notice you. People may seek you out for your opinions and ideas. They will invite you to share your time with them. If you want to build a great personal brand, you will thrive when you distinguish yourself.

If you are uncomfortable with attention or spotlight, there are other ways to accumulate power. For example, you don’t have to be in the spotlight to
make a powerful introduction between two of your friends (creating new opportunities via brokerage)

  • Write articles in a journal specific for your industry
  • Start a blog
  • Create a podcast

Whatever be your spotlight situation, there is a strategy to make the most out of it.

Question to think about:

Are you really uncomfortable with attention or is this really a way for you to escape from paying the price?

It’s not required

“I Can Succeed Without a Personal Brand”


Take a look at any job application form; you will see that they don’t typically ask you to provide details about the strength of your personal brand. You don’t even need a strong personal brand to get through life. As a knowledge worker, you can achieve basic success on just the strength of your skills.
However, if you want to thrive as a person and a knowledge worker, then the game is different. Personal branding can accelerate your journey and lead you to heights you never thought possible. Many times, we look at things that are required to succeed and not focus on things that are required to thrive. Remember the saying – “Good is the enemy of the Best.”

Whatever you can do and wherever you can go WITHOUT a personal brand, you can do better and farther WITH a personal brand!

Personal Brand? Yeah, Right!

“You Fear That You Will Lose Friends”

I have heard knowledge workers say that they are afraid that they will lose their friends during the personal branding journey. These knowledge workers fear that people will disappear from their lives if they are no longer like them and among them. Once you start building your personal brand, you will have no option but to grow.

If your friends are not growing as fast as you are growing, some of them may feel uncomfortable around you. You and your friends may be perfectly OK to continue your friendship, but you might also drift apart.

Think about it – this can happen with any kind of growth of yours. Personal Branding is no different.

Some people may decide that they want to avoid suffering and loss. So, they delay their personal-branding journeys. Maybe they fear that if they lose their current friends they will be lonely. Who will share their joys and help celebrate their successes? When you build your personal brand, you will have many opportunities to create new friendships. You won’t be alone—unless you choose to be.

Really, you can have it both. You can have a good personal brand and you can cherish your relationships. The bonus book on “Lasting Relationships” will cover just that topic.

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