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You want to be in front of the ambitious tribe of future entrepreneurs – the people who are hungry to change the world for the better. People who want to be movers and shakers, people who want to make things happen.

May be you have a product or a service offering that is attractive to this tribe or maybe you are interested in growing the entrepreneurial ecosystem or you want to give back and serve this community.

Whatever is your case, supporting Setup to Startup will provide you the right return for your investment.

Our global reach through our partners is currently in excess of one million entrepreneurs and growing. Every sponsor and partner joining hands will help every other partner and sponsor to gain mindshare.

 The Book

Setup to Startup
The Survival Manual for First-Time Entrepreneurs

My new book is titled “Setup to Startup” (foreword by Tim Draper, a partner at DFJ, the first investor in Hotmail). The book is targeted at wantrepreneurs. To be specific, I am trying to reach “activated wantrepreneurs” – a tribe of people who have the right level of intensity of “desire and commitment” to start something in the very near future.

The book is about 62,000 words. The key focus is to re-shape the thinking and mindset of these future entrepreneurs to first survive and then thrive in their adventure.

Since 2000, I have started more than half a dozen startups in the US and India, mostly partnering with first-time entrepreneurs. I have been mentoring first-time entrepreneurs at Founder Institute. My work there has touched over 700 first-time entrepreneurs.

Setup to Startup is going to be made available online completely for FREE. You can see the work-in-progress is here:

The entire table of contents is here: