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YOU are an opportunity

Today, right at this moment, you are an opportunity for someone.

You have created a new possibility for them. And, for that they are paying a price.

All said and done, this transaction (what they are willing to pay to you for being an opportunity for them) is what sets your current market value.

[Note: There are smart people out there who will say that they are really good but they don’t market themselves well. Hence, their market value is not what it really should be. All I can say for that is C’est la Vie.]

Whatever you did yesterday (meaning until now) created a perception of what you bring to this world as an opportunity.

If the “right” person notices what an opportunity you bring to them, they will pay the “right” price.

I chose the above words carefully. I know what some of you might be thinking – “I know that I bring phenomenal value to the marketplace and it is just that the ‘right’ person has not noticed you yet.” Once you believe that, you will be tempted to think that all you have to do is continue to do what you are doing and sooner than later that “right” person will notice you and then it will be a miracle.

That argument might have worked a few decades ago when communicating your value was limited to the physical geography that you were situated in.

Today, the whole world is your playground and while your physical location plays a reasonably big part, that is no longer a good excuse for not going where you want to go in life.

The tools to create and amplify your work are there and most of them are free on the web.

The education is there and most of it is free on the web.

You can read many examples of those who have done it before (on the web, for free). You can stretch what’s possible if you use the right tools in the right fashion.

So, what’s missing?


  • You make a commitment to shine and distinguish yourself.
  • You take the time to invest in yourself and growing at a breathtaking speed.
  • You take the time to invest in others and making them successful.
  • Really, you make a decision to rise above the mediocrity – wherever you are.
  • You make a commitment to set a new standard in whatever you are doing.

Go ahead and show the world what an opportunity you are in the marketplace and suddenly you will start noticing new opportunities opening up for you.

Come to think of it, you have no other choice but to make the above-mentioned decisions.

You are either a signal or not a signal. If you are not a signal, you will quickly fade away as part of the noise.

How often should you spot an opportunity then? Hmm…

How about every single day?

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