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Your support structure

Anything significant in life, you can’t do it alone. You need a lot of help and you need to build that help way before you need it. Lack of a good support structure can seriously affect the way you build your personal brand. Here are two things to look at when it comes to your support structure:

It’s Ticking…

“You Feel You Have No Time”

Lack of time is a common issue for people all over the world.

If you are like many knowledge workers, this problem is more acute. You are already swamped with work. You may feel that you currently have no time to devote to this personal branding exercise. You may already be working nights and weekends in your job. You may ask yourself, “If I begin the personal branding journey, what strain will I put on myself, my family, and my friends?” This question is perfectly understandable.

I have heard many people tell me that when they are done with their current projects, they will look at their personal brands in detail. While sometimes it’s true that specific projects consume all of your time and energy, that’s also a warning sign. You’ve likely become caught up in the technology rat race, and you’re scrambling to stay current.

If you focus solely on day-to-day projects, you will continue to scamper on the wheel. You will make incremental progress and may even see some small successes; however, you will find it difficult to thrive. Although, I have to say that personal branding is not hard work if you establish the right configurations. You have to learn to get high leverage on everything that you do. Leverage is such a key concept that it’s worth its own discussion in a separate document. Here, I’ll just say that leverage goes far beyond simple concepts of time management. Leverage means you must change your mindset and behaviors to focus on the highest value opportunities.

Where’s the Switch?

“You Don’t Know Where to Start”

I have not seen many schools and colleges that actively teach “Personal Branding” as a subject. Even in the professional world, there are still very few classes that cover this topic.

Sometimes formal training definitely would help. However, don’t let your lack of training become a barrier for you. If you have the desire and discipline to come up with a personal branding plan, do so. Then, stick with it until you see results.

However, please remember that personal branding is, well, personal. What works for one may not work for someone else. For example, if writing is not your cup of tea – blogging or writing a book may not be the right strategy for you. For someone else, blogging may be THE strategy to the way ahead.

Even if you have to figure it out all on your own, you can get help from others who have been there, done that. You can engage with a mentor who may be able to see your strengths better than you can see them yourself.

Fine, you may not have a perfect start, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

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