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One important moment in every Opportunity

Let’s talk about the ONE important moment in every opportunity.

That moment is when you successfully complete executing on the opportunity you have chosen to pursue.

Seth Godin uses a term for this – it’s called the moment when you ship.

Mind you, I didn’t say the moment was –
When you decided to pursue the opportunity OR
When you actually started pursuing the opportunity OR
When you were pursuing the opportunity OR
When you faced a problem as you pursued the opportunity
Or for that matter, that moment was any other moment other than when you reach the end goal of the opportunity.


Simply because there are TOO MANY people who are ALMOST THERE with their opportunities. It is hard to build a reputation on what you are going to do.

They have almost finished writing their book.

They are almost ready to start a company.

They are almost ready to lose weight.

They are almost ready to run a marathon.

I can go on…

The world (really the marketplace) does not care much for people who are ALMOST there.

No premium for trying your best.

No premium for working hard.

No premium for the best excuse.

No premium for just falling short.

No premium for just being unlucky because of bad timing.

Premium is paid to those that go out of their way and ACCOMPLISH!

Dreaming is good and you can get excited about your dreams. Maybe a few people around you MAY get excited about dreams too. The world gets excited about people who are doers. Dreams are pre-cursors to doing, yes. But most people stop at grandiose dreams.

A subset of dreamers also want to be recognized for their grandiose dreams. They want credit for dreaming BIG.

Well, they can keep dreaming about it.

You could be different, though.

Think about what dreams you are pursuing today. If it is a really BIG dream, split it into
manageable milestones that will lead to mini-accomplishments. And, do everything to get to that next mini-accomplishment.

The marketplace may not fall in love with mini-accomplishments but it’s great for your self- esteem – laying the foundation for future bigger accomplishments.

Several mini-accomplishments will subsequently lead to ONE big accomplishment. Then the magic begins!

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