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The ONE thing you can’t ignore

We talked a lot about pursuing opportunities until now. It takes time, energy, money and there is a HUGE opportunity cost to pursue any significant opportunity. There are sacrifices to be made and if you are not careful, you will sacrifice something that you can never recover back.

Before you get carried away on your mission, please remember that the one thing that you can’t ignore is:

The (positive) impact
you make on
What Matters Most
(at least) in the lives of people
Who Matter Most
to you.

So the two questions are:

#1. Do you REALLY know who matter most to you in your life?


#2. Do you REALLY know what matters most to the people that matter to you?

Now switching over to the context of your venture, there are the members of your target market who matter most to you. What matters most to them is the problem that they acknowledge and where you have a solution is to address that problem.

We talked about the fact that you WILL have competition. There is direct competition and there is indirect competition. It is easy to miss indirect competition so be very cautious of that.

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